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Invisible orthodontics is a process of correcting and moving teeth using the invisible dental splints. Together we make sure that the treatment is comfortable, painless, fast and effective. They are thin transparent splints that are manufactured for each individual patient in order to move the teeth to the desired position. During treatment it may be necessary to replace the invisible splint because each one corresponds to a different step of the treatment.

One of its advantages is that we can remove them at any time of the day to clean them without damaging our oral health.

They can also be removed easily and quickly without causing injuries to the gums and lips in case the patient wishes it. Their adaptation process requires about 2-3 days during which it is reasonable to feel some discomfort to the teeth that are under movement, as well as differences in the way of speech.

The only negative thing about invisible splints is that not all cases where teeth need to be moved can be treated. Nevertheless, it is a solution for many who despair of the idea of “braces”.


Classic orthodontics deals with the classic braces, which are applied to the front of the teeth. It is considered an orthodontic mechanism that is placed and removed by the orthodontic in order to move the teeth to the desired position for each patient. Their placement at an early age where the teeth are not fully developed is also the best practice for a successful result.

The first orthodontic examination is usually performed at the age of 6 except in certain cases that require it earlier. The time of their application depends on the patient’s situation and changes on a case-by-case basis. Now they have acquired a smaller size for a tasteful appearance and a more natural result.