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In our clinic, endodontic treatments (root canals) as well as repetitions of root canals that have failed in the past are performed by specialized endodontists. All modern means are used, the majority of endodontic therapies are performed using a dental microscope.

The use of a microscope in dental practice is a technological innovation that offers new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.


Repeating endodontic treatment is a more complex and complicated process. Occasionally, a tooth that has undergone endodontic treatment may continue to hurt, despite the treatment. When this happens, it is often possible to save the tooth with a repetition of the endodontic treatment.

A lot of times a tooth with a root canal demonstrates symptoms again. In this case the tooth must be treated again. During the repetition of the root canal, the old materials are removed, the root canals are cleaned and re-filled when the problem is resolved.


Usually, a tooth that has undergone endodontic treatment is retained for the rest of your life and no other endodontic treatment is needed. However, endodontic treatment fails at a rate of 8-10%, due to inability to heal or contaminate the tooth. A tooth can hurt again for months, even years after a successful endodontic treatment, so in these cases the endodontic treatment should be repeated.

However, many times the repetition of endodontic therapy cannot take place if the access to the root of the tooth is hindered by a prosthetic restoration such as a crown (crown or root sheath) or a bridge. In these cases the most common form of treatment is apicoectomy, which can help to save your tooth.